Here are some of the questions we get asked on a regular basis

If you cannot find your answer, then please contact us on: or 01296 682281

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Terms & Conditions

What are your opening hours/swim times?

Weekday Sessions: Monday – Friday 15.30 – 19.00

Weekend sessions:  Saturday – Sunday 09.00-16.00

Can I track my child’s progress?

Absolutely, we want you to be able to see exactly how your child is progressing! You have access to our Swim School Home Portal, here you can see the current stage your child is swimming at and current assessment level for each of the criteria required to pass the stage they are on.

To login to Home Portal please use the link you were sent in the joining email. If you no longer have this link please email us on or ask at the front desk.

What happens if my child cannot attend a lesson?

We operate a no refund policy on group lessons once they have been booked. However, if your child has an unforeseen medical problem and is unable to attend a significant number of lessons then please contact us.

What do I do if I miss a payment?

Not to worry, please contact the Swim Academy by calling us on 01296 682281 and we will be able to take payment for the outstanding balance. Alternatively, if you are coming in to the club please to the front desk who will be able to assist.

What do I do if I cancel my direct debit accidentally?

Not to worry, please contact the Swim Academy by calling us on 01296 682281 and we will be able to set back up your direct debit instruction and take any outstanding payment if required. Alternatively, if you are coming in to the club please to the front desk who will be able to assist.

What age are swim lessons available from?

We offer swim lessons from 4 months for our Parent & Baby sessions. Our ASA stage 1-7 stage start at 4 years.

How many children are in each class?

Our classes as a max of 6 per session. This allows the instructor to suitably manage the class and provide good 1-1 time with each child so that they can continually progress through to the higher stages.

Our Parent & Baby sessions are run with a maximum capacity of 12.

What swim stages do you offer?

We offer ASA Level 1 – 7 and follow the Swim England guidelines for all content.

We also offer private lessons which can help to speed up the learning and progress for your child. These are an additional cost on the group lessons, and if interested please contact us on

How early should I arrive before my class starts?

If you are a new member, please arrive 10 minutes prior to the commencement of your first session to allow us to greet you and complete the necessary paperwork. Following your first lesson, we ask that you are on poolside 5 minutes prior to the commencement of your lesson.

Are you open on bank holidays?

We are open throughout the year, with our only closures coming over the Christmas period.

What does my child receive when signing up to the Swim Academy?

Included within your £10 joining fee you will receive a starter pack during your first! This will include a branded Liscombe Swim Academy hat and bag. All the certificates and badges they receive are also free of charge, included within the membership price.

What does my child receive when completing each stage?

We love to see your child progress as they become more proficient at swimming! After completing each stage, they will receive a certificate and a badge for the stage that they’ve completed. Please see our reception team after the swim teacher has notified you of stage completion, where they will be able to present your child with their award!

How do I move class times/days?

If you would like to move the current class slot you are attending, please either visit our front desk, call on 01296 682281 or email on

How do I move my child up to the next stage?

Please visit the Home Portal page, from here you can track your child’s progress and when they are ready to move up to the next stage you will be sent an email confirmation with a link to move class.

Are parents allowed to watch the lessons?

Over the years running our Swim Academy we have found it most suitable for parents not to watch the lessons on poolside as it often distracts the children and makes it harder for our swim teachers to deliver sessions to the highest standard.

Therefore, we ask all parents to exit the pool area once they have dropped their child off with their teacher. We have seating outside of the building to the side of the pool area, or alternatively we have The Venue, who occupy our upstairs area above reception. The Venue is a café & kids soft play area that has a TV with a live feed to the pool so you can oversee your child’s lesson from a distance. As The Venue is a separate business, if you are using their premises, then you will be required to purchase food or a beverage.