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At Liscombe Health Club we care about your health, fitness and mental wellbeing. We encourage swimming and relaxation in our spa, all proven to improve mood, reduce anxiety and relieve stress.

Liscombe spa facilities, jacuzzi, steam room, sauna


40 degree water and bubbles sounds appealing to us! The sensation of lightness, massage and awareness of the body triggered by water allows you to eliminate physical tensions, contractions and pain, while experiencing physical and psychological relaxation. Relax, you’ve earned it!




There are a multitude of proven health benefits to be associated with having a regular sauna session, both mental and physical. It’s the perfect way to relax after your workout, or a long day at work!


Sauna’s can help with but not limited to improving cardiovascular health, reducing stress, improving skin problems, and reducing aches and pains through an increase in circulation and joint mobilisation.

steam room


With many similar benefits to a sauna at a slightly less intense dry heat, many people opt for a steam room. It helps to remove toxins by opening up the pours and cleanse the outer skin. It also helps with better breathing by clearing out congestion.

liscombe swimming pool


Our 30 degree heated 20 metre long pool is the perfect option for a workout or a post gym dip! The pool is available at various points through the day, and shares the space with our Swim Academy.

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