Here at Liscombe Health Club we have a busy schedule of fitness classes to suit everyone’s needs and availability. Whether you want a fast pace or low impact class, we have something for you. And whether you prefer to exercise in the morning, afternoon or evening, our timetable ensures we have times to suit your schedules.

In this blog post, we explore more about our popular yoga classes.


What are the main benefits of yoga?

  • Yoga is fantastic for relieving aches and pains.
  • It helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Yoga improves strength, flexibility, stamina, and balance.
  • It has many health benefits including improving bone health, cardiovascular health and sleep.


Reasons you will enjoy our yoga classes

Here are just some of the many things we think you’ll love about joining a yoga class:

  • Meeting new people.
  • Working out in a group setting.
  • Friendly yoga instructors.


Is yoga at Liscombe for all levels and experience?

Yes. We do not separate classes by ability – everybody is welcome to join any yoga class at Liscombe regardless of age, fitness or experience.  If you struggle with a particular posture or get out of breath then its OK to sit down for a moment and join in again when you feel ready.

If you have questions about how to work with an injury or condition, you can arrive 5 minutes before the start of the class to speak with your instructor who will explain suitable modifications.


Our yoga instructors

We have a range of instructors trained to teach various yoga styles. We would encourage you to try the different classes and enjoy the benefits that each has to offer.


About Liscombe Health Club fitness studio

Yoga classes take place in the spacious fitness studio located at the front of the Health Club.

If you are new to Liscombe Health Club, we are set in the countryside just outside Leighton Buzzard, on the border of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.


Do I have to attend the same class each week?

Many of our members find they make great progress by getting into the routine of attending the same classes each week. However we realise that may not suit everybody’s lifestyle so you are welcome to pop into the occasional class. We’re here for you whenever you’d like to join a class!


We hope to welcome you to one of our yoga classes soon! You can explore our fitness class timetable here. If you are not already a member, discover more about memberships with Liscombe Health Club here.