First Visit Information

  • There is free parking on site including disabled spaces.
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your class to familiarise yourself with the changing rooms and to get yourselves ready. No outdoor shoes are allowed on the pool side and blue shoe covers are available. Alternatively please remove your shoes or bring flip flops.
  • Our pool rules sign is visible on the pool side
  • We provide red changing tables and a little pen to place your baby/child in once ready so you can get changed yourself. (Little tip – it’s a lot easier to come in your swimming costume underneath your clothes, don’t forget a change of underwear though!) If you are coming from home with your baby, it’s also a lot easier to bring them in their swimwear too!
  • There are male and female pool side changing rooms. Please enter the changing room of the gender belonging the parent/guardian (despite the gender of your baby).
  • There are showers, changing cubicles, a toilet, hairdryers and bins/nappy bins in each changing room.
  • Place your items in a locker (padlock required) and make your way onto the pool side.
  • Our swimming teachers will take the register and ask you to safely enter the pool for you to enjoy your lesson.
  • Babies tend to get very hungry after lessons so it’s advisable to feed your baby after the lesson. You can head to the café upstairs and have a hot drink and snack yourself whilst you feed your baby.
  • Please do not submerge your baby against their will. You will be guided and taught how to safely swim with your baby by our qualified teachers.

We will give you lots of support and guidance starting with the basics, helping you get into and out of a pool safely with your baby. We will help you to feel confident by showing you lots of different ways to hold and support your baby in the water.

Suggested Swimming Bag Check List

Baby’s Bag;

  • Disposable swim nappy
  • Happy nappy
  • Additional swim wear
  • Towel
  • Dry nappy
  • Wet wipes
  • Change of clothes
  • Baby shower gel (if you’d like to rinse your baby on site – if not please bath them once home to wash off any chlorine)
  • Milk/food for your baby


Parent/Guardian’s Bag;

  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Flip flops
  • Underwear (if you’ve come in your swimwear)


Why Should I Start Swimming With My Baby?

Swimming with your baby enhances their physical and mental development.

It creates a fantastic bond between parent/guardian and baby.

Babies are very sociable and love to look at and interact with the other babies in the class.

It teaches them a life skill which will ensure they learn the importance of water safety from a very young age.


When Can I Start Swimming With My Baby?

When you are ready and have been signed off by your midwife/doctor you can then start swimming with your baby once they are 12lbs or 12 weeks old. Our pool temperature is 30-31 degrees with an air temperature within 1 degree of this. Babies do not need to have had their immunisations before they start swimming

Despite our lessons lasting 30 minutes, your baby may only last up to 20 minutes on your baby’s first visit. It can be quite overwhelming for your little one and if you notice your baby getting agitated or tired you are more than welcome to exit the lesson. We want to ensure your baby has a fun experience every time they visit!

How Many People Are In A Class?

Our lessons have a maximum capacity of 12 adults (with a baby each) and our swimming teacher.


What Should My Baby Wear?

We operate a double nappy system whereby your baby will need to wear a disposable Huggies swim nappy (or a reusable swim nappy if you are not using disposable nappies). On top of this your baby is required to wear a happy nappy. This is to ensure there is no leakage into the pool should your baby decide to poo or wee! Anything in addition to this is parent preference, a warm in one wetsuit, a body wrap, sunsuit or swim costume/shorts.

You know your baby best and if they get cold during the lesson simply add a layer the following week.


I Can’t Swim, Can I Still Bring My Baby?

Our pool is 1.2 meters deep therefore you will be able stand. If you cannot then we will cater as best as possible to ensure you are both able to participate in the lesson.


Should We Come If Baby Or Parent/Guardian Are Unwell?

If either of you have a minor cold it’s safe to come swimming however, if your or your baby have a temperature and are severely unwell it is advisable to give the lesson a miss. If you or your baby have sickness, diarrhoea, vomiting, ear infections, chicken pox or any contagious illness, please stay at home.


Can Other People Watch Us In The Lesson?

You can bring other parent/guardians to watch the lesson however, this will not be on the pool side. Guests can watch on our large T.V in the café where they can also grab a hot or cold drink and snack. Please note, children U16 years old must not be left on their own in the club.

We also have an on site farm themed soft play aimed at children 0-5 years. Children must be supervised at all times in the soft play, therefore, you cannot leave a child to play whilst you join your swim lesson.


Can We Alternate Who Brings My Baby?

Yes! You can allow whoever you like to enter the pool with your baby as long as they have your permission.


Does My Child Achieve Badges Or Certificates?

Yes, your child will work their way through our tiny turtle and super shark awards earning certificates and badges, free of charge as they complete each level.