Personal Trainer with a holistic approach to health and fitness, specialising in sports performance and body transformations. A driven individual who is committed to supporting my clients in achieving their personal goals.

Over 10 years of PT experience, 1:1 & group training. I implement a broad range of aerobic and strength exercises within my programmes, with a focus on functionality and transferability of skills into everyday life. All of my clients training programmes vary and are personalised to their own specific requirements.

I previously represented Team GB ice hockey and currently part of the GB coaching team. I have a particular passion for working with athletes of all abilities to improve their performance with a focus on strength and conditioning.

When it comes to transformations I approach the mind and body as a whole, creating an improvement and sense of pride in our mindset will accelerate and drive the physical changes many clients are looking for. On a personal level, I have completely transformed both my mind and body over the last 10 years and have successfully achieved a steady weight loss from size 22-8. This has been a parallel journey to a happier, more resilient and confident mindset.

I currently study BSc Psychology and find a honest and open approach to clients works best when it comes to personal training and nutritional mentoring.

Contact Me:

Mobile: 07950 453897